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Terms and conditions:

Terms and conditions
Being a user, you are bound to the norms of the website. It is understood that playing online games with Yalgames, you agree with the norms of us. The rules are as simple as this; Maintain the rules and regulations of the website

Age Restrictions
Whoever access our website will be on the edge of their seats. Speaking of age restrictions, people belonging to any group can access the website. By the word we ‘people of any group’, means people of all age are welcome to our innovative world.We promise that for kids and youngsters it will be a world where they can derive happiness and pleasure.

Yalgames can chang the Terms and Conditions if the authorities feel the need for it. We humbly request you to read the latest norms of the website before accessing. For, as we already told you, we might change the norms at anytime.

Notice of Privacy statement updates
It is very much similar to the Terms and Condition of the website. We are expected to update the privacy statement according to its need. Therefore, beware of the modified and latest statement updates by checking your mails regularly. We would be happy if you you follow the track of the website. It is a matter of ‘ freedom with responsibility’. We we expect you to be responsible.