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Privacy Policy:

Yalgames.Com Privacy Policy
Our first and foremost obligation is letting you know the function of it and how it would proceed further with one’s information that he /she has registered. Yalgames can modify or even change the privacy policy when the needs arises. The change will be updated on the website instantly. Once you become the member of Yalgames website, we will let you know the updated changes that took place recently. We presume that once you access our website, you wholeheartedly agree to abide by the norms of the website. Your presence on the website simply means of your approval of our privacy policy and your consent in terms of following the rules and regulations of ours.

Portal rules
The ultimate gaoal of is to promote and rejuvanate happiness that is within oneself. We would appriciate the users, if they do not meddle with the rights of others. Maintain the decorum of the website by not violating or not interfering with the freedom of other online players.only we have the ultimate authority over the game patent, trade mark, trade secret, copyrightand so on and so forth. It would be wise on your part to be obedient when it comes to following the terms and conditions of the website. The games that you find on Yalgames website cannot be used for any commercial purpose but you can always use under the tag of 'Yalgames'.

Users access inferences
Yalgames.Com never ever uses cookies to trace the personal information about the visitor. Our advertising partners might use cookies on the website. In no way we associated with them in this regard. We do not have control over the cookies, which are used by the third party advertisers. Cookies and web beacons aill acctualy tell us the preferences of the visitors.and your preference will be taken into account. You are asked to be carefull when it comes to providing your information with the thrid party advertising companies.

Third parties and Sponsers
At times, we might use third party advertising companies who would provide advertisments on various areas.sometimes, the advertising company would make use of the information of the visitors just seeking a feedback from them.we reiterate this to the visitors again and again. That, in no way we are responsible for your association with the third party advertisers. If you want to be in touch with them, you can be so. But Yalgames would not meddle in your personal affairs. At the same time, incase if anything goes wrongly, Yalgames is not responsible for that. You alone will have to confront the conseqences.